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Ryan McCord

Letters from the Presidents

Ryan McCord, President
McCord Development, Inc.

Selecting a new headquarters is a real challenge. You’ve created a fascinating process that has been unique to Amazon, but the questions are the same:

  • How to attract and retain the best?
  • What role do the facilities and location play?
  • Do they send the right message to employees, shareholders, and competitors?

The Generation Park strategy is built solely around answering these questions. Because of the enormous scale of the development we are forced to look over the horizon (sometimes through the annals of history!) for the answers. We must understand people – the parts that trend and the parts that never change. Our mutual goal is to sit in the seat of the SDE, Administrator, Sales Person, Project Manager and Exec and envision their personal value proposition. If we make it better we create value and score a competitive advantage. To understand our offering, you must see it in person. Seeing property firsthand is a crucial component to decision making.

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Mark S. Mitchell, President
Lake Houston Economic Development Partnership

The Lake Houston Economic Development Partnership is pleased to offer Generation Park (www.generationpark.com) as a suitable development site for Amazon’s HQ2 Project. From its inception, Generation Park has been focused on developing a world-class live, work and play environment. While Amazon HQ2 represents a multi-year, large scale economic development plan, Generation Park is one of the few developments in the country that can truly accommodate a project of this scale and magnitude. Generation Park consists of over 4,000 contiguous acres that are wholly owned by McCord Development on the northeast side of Houston. With 2.5 miles of frontage on the newly completed Beltway 8, and as a master planned, mixed use development, Generation Park has the flexibility serve the specific needs of Amazon’s second corporate headquarters.

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You’ll Feel Right
At Home Here.

Welcome To
Generation Park.

Which is why we’re excited to meet you right here in Houston at the intersection of innovation and collaboration.

We’re just 20 minutes from the Downtown of America’s fourth-largest city, close to everything but far from big city politics and restrictions. We’re privately held, so we make our decisions quickly, with zero hassles. We’re good for business, great for people and perfect for Amazon.

We get both. We’re ready for a world of self-driving cars and drone deliveries. We’re creating a place where life at street level is as vibrant and engaging as anything going on in nearby offices.

A place where the entire Amazon team will thrive.

Year after year, Houston is consistently named one of the Top 10 cities by countless magazines and surveys. We offer big city advantages like the best and newest restaurants and entertainment. We are recognized for excellence in the arts, from galleries to concert halls to public installations. And at Generation Park we enhance the open spaces around our noteworthy architecture with beautiful and inspiring year-round greenscapes.

With billions of dollars in tax-exempt bonding authority, we are delivering a visionary ecosystem for Amazon’s modern workforce – an ideal world of mobility, transportation, utilities and green space, the best to exist anywhere.

Living and working in the Central Time Zone means your typical workday overlaps with the entire country. Either coast, as well as nearly anywhere in North America, is reachable by air in just a few hours.

Generation Park puts you so close to all of Houston’s attractions. Our airports, pro sports stadiums, arts venues, hospitals, universities, lakes, parks, shopping and restaurants are easy to reach by way of multiple Interstate highways, loops, commercial arteries and parkways that connect Generation Park to the entire Houston area.

We’re more like a city within a city. In fact, we would cover more than a fourth of Manhattan. We’re already home to the new 173-acre campus of multi-billion dollar TechnipFMC and numerous other company headquarters that are here for the perfect balance of good business and good living.

Our 52-acre urban mixed-use district, Redemption Square, has every amenity to make this a community. Hotels, luxury apartments, Class A offices, an early child development center, fitness centers, restaurants, shops and daily services.
And Amazon will benefit from all of it.

Whatever Amazon has in mind, we have the critical scale to deliver it in reality. Our Redemption Square community has ample flexibility to accommodate a spectacular office tower as well as ideal land available for 2027 plans and beyond. All of which will be focal points for attracting top talent to Amazon.

Work Life and Lifestyle Work Well Together

Generation Park puts people who are happy making a good living close to everything that makes for a good life. It starts with a choice of great neighborhoods featuring brand new homes in a variety of styles and price ranges. Humble ISD has top-rated schools, and our community benefits from great restaurants and shops, golf courses, trails, waterways and public parks.

In fact, it dwarfs the size of Seattle’s entire downtown area. We have all the room you could ever want for growth, and our master plan calls for an abundance of beautifully maintained green spaces for extra breathing room throughout the entire development.


Site / Building

Houston is big. Texas is bigger. Generation Park is just right for Amazon.

4,000 acres of masterful planning. Your 500,000 sf HQ2 office building is being designed. Your ideal 100 acres is shovel-ready. We welcome you for a tour and you’ll see we’re a reality.


Capital And Operating Costs

Texas has a history of being friendly, and that courtesy extends to business.

Welcome to Generation Park, Amazon – where the potential value of your incentives could reach well into the billions of dollars.



Of course, any city, state and county can provide some nice incentives, but here’s a jaw-dropping Generation Park exclusive –

Our billions of dollars tax-exempt, pre-approved bonding authority. This will provide Amazon an ecosystem with incredible transportation and mobility, plus green space and utilities.


Labor Force

The sky is no limit for the type of professional people attracted to Greater Houston.

Neighbors like ExxonMobil’s new primary US office and NASA’s Johnson Space Center prove we’re a magnet for computer scientists, nuclear physicists and rocket engineers, not to mention the miracle workers at our famed Medical Center. And now in the pipeline are more than 1.5 million students enrolled in Texas universities all around us.



Houston has two international airports, the larger of which (IAH) is just 15 minutes from our front door.

Three Interstate highways, plus arteries and parkways crisscross and surround Generation Park. Trails for biking and hiking extend for miles and connect to great places and great homes. In short, not only can you get anywhere from here, getting around here is easy, too.


Time To Operations

We’re ready on Day One.

We’re a thriving development with dirt flying. Whatever Amazon needs, we’re on it. Want to lease a building? Done. You need a hundred acres to grow? Got it, and more. In a hurry, no worry. We’re the real deal, and we’re ready to deal.


Cultural Community Fit

Bienvenido. Yokoso. Willkommen. Svagat. Welcome.

We speak so many languages (145!) because we come from so many places. But at the start of every day, we’re all here for a better life. We’re all about good jobs, nice homes, solid schools, enjoyable lifestyles and endless opportunities at every turn.


Community / Quality Of Life

Love green spaces?

How about wide open waterways, mountain bikes, jogging trails, live music, concerts, ballet, opera, pro soccer, football, baseball, basketball, rodeos, world foods and about a thousand other cultural and lifestyle activities? This is definitely your new city.


We have 30,000 new homes underway – we’re ready to welcome you to the neighborhood.


We have 4,000 acres for future growth, and our infrastructure
is already set in place.


Anywhere and everywhere in the world you want to go, it’s accessible from here.

A McCord Development Property

Ryan McCord

President, McCord Development, Inc.